Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Who's dead?

Well, I did not do so well this week.
(My picks are underlined. Remember, sometimes I just had to beat the spread, so that's what counts, deathwise. Some winning teams are losers because they didn't cover the spread, and vice versa.)

Bears killed lions.
Titans killed ravens.
Buccaneers killed bills.
Jaguars killed colts.
Bengal tigers killed vikings.
Panthers killed patriots.
Steelers killed Texans.
Eagles slaughtered 49ers.
Seahawks killed facons.
Rams killed cardinals.
Browns killed Packers
Jets killed dolphins.
Chargers killed broncos.
Chiefs killed raiders.
Giants killed saints.
Redskins killed cowboys.

This week, out of a possible 136 points, I got 52. Youch.


Blogger black b said...

points shmoints - this is fun! (and probably the only way i will pay attention to football.)

6:28 AM  

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