Sunday, September 18, 2005

Mascot kills mascot!

OK. Welcome to Mascot kills mascot! If you are here to try to get valid picks for your weekly office pool, turn back. Seriously. I mean, this system works, in a way, but I don't want your hopes and dreams riding on my whims and fantasies.

Basically, every week, I will make my NFL picks based on whose mascot wins in a fight. Yes, I'm not the first to try this method, but I am pretty damn good, so watch out. Really.

At my job we play the spread, which doesn't actually interfere with my picks because I'm dealing with birds and horses and pirates and shit, and they don't really care about what Jimmy the Greek says, but, then I assign priority points to each pick based on the spread and who will or will not cover, so I still have a shot at winning the week. Last year I did surprisingly well. Go figure.

Anyway, comments are on, so, go for it.


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